dimanche 23 décembre 2018

My sweet pitbull 💖💖


samedi 8 décembre 2018

Welcome Happy Lix

💛💛💛  Happy Lix 💛 💛 💛 

mercredi 29 août 2018

Championnat Suisse obedience 2018

Tao got the title of Swiss Vice Champion 2018 in obedience 

dimanche 26 août 2018

Tao, vice-champion suisse d'obedience 2018

Nath & Tao               Silvia & Only               Trix & Lego

KV Berna, Altavilla, 26.08.2018

mercredi 15 août 2018

Goodbye my friend

Goodbye to you my trusted friend

We've known each other since a long time

Together we've climbed hills 

Learned of love 

Skinned our hearts and

Skinned our knees

Goodbye my friend it's hard to die

But all the birds are singing in the sky

Now that spring is in the air

Pretty girls are everywhere

Think of me and I'll be there


jeudi 2 août 2018

This litter is expected around the end of 2018/early 2019.

Mawlch Vorkosigan "Tao" 


Stockman's Trust Gatsby "India"

mercredi 1 août 2018

Our trip to Valentina Balli

Our trip to Valentina Balli (pictures by Brigit Hermann)

The best B&B 

Beautiful street !

Valentina, Tao and me, may be the beginning of a new obedience story 😍